Upgrade / Repeat Courses

Repeat (or upgrade) courses are designed for students who would like to improve their grades in courses that they have already successfully completed. Upgrade courses contain similar course content but fewer, more condensed assessments.  In order to be eligible for an upgrade course, students must have completed the course, with a grade of at least 50%.  This allows students to complete the course in a shorter period of time. Students may complete the course at their own pace.  When upgrading or repeating, students may not earn an additional credit in the same course; only one credit per course may be counted toward the OSSD.

For Grades 11 and 12 courses, both course attempts appear on the transcript along with the final grades achieved; however, only one credit is awarded. The course attempt receiving the higher grade receives the credit. The attempt receiving the lower grade will have an R recorded in the Credit column on the OST, indicating that the student repeated the course.

When registering, be sure to indicate that you would like to upgrade/repeat a course. Documentation (final report card, transcript, or school credit counselling summary) showing the course has been completed must be submitted at the time of registration.

Courses that may be taken as Upgrade/Repeat Courses

Grade 12 Upgrade/Repeat Courses:
AVI4M, Visual Arts
BBB4M, International Business Fundamentals
BOH4M, Business Leadership
CGW4U, World Issues: A Geographic Analysis
CHI4U, Canada: History, Identity and Culture
ENG4U, English
HHS4U, Families in Canada
MCV4U, Calculus and Vectors
MDM4U, Mathematics of Data Management
MHF4U, Advanced Functions
SCH4U, Chemistry
SPH4U, Physics

Grade 11 Upgrade/Repeat Courses:
AVI3M, Visual Arts
ENG3U, English
MCR3U, Functions
SCH3U, Chemistry
SPH3U, Physics