ASK Online Canada - Online High School Credits

ASK Online Canada

is a private, online high school offering
Ontario Secondary School Credits
(OSSD) to students worldwide.

Courses starting at only $425

ASK Online Canada is now offering in-person classes at our York Campus.

Students study in a classroom with Ontario Certified Teachers and complete their high school courses in a caring, nurturing learning environment.  Individual attention and academic supports provided to help students be and do their best.  Students from out of province will live in school arranged accommodations for the duration of their stay. Meals will also be provided.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.

ASK Online Canada - Online High School Credits

Committed to Educating &
Nurturing All Students

Our platform provides learning that is accessible by any student with a computer and internet connection. Our learning platform is user friendly and easy to understand.  We are available to assist with any challenges – academic or technical, and respond within 24 hours of contact.

Ask Online Canada